Sunday, January 31, 2016


Biasa tiap malam saya dengar renungan online dari radio rhema, saat itu tentang kepahitan yang dibawakan oleh Pendeta Harold Gingerich. Dan saya ingat ada teman yang mengalami hal ini, kebetulan saya merekamnya dan pada bagian ini bener-bener seperti yang dia alami.. 

"God release him from bitterness..."

"People say thing, people do thing and you will gonna hurt
you can not escape that, but you have a choice.
Are you gonna forgive or you will leave in bitterness?
Is the spirit of revenge gonna raise up in your heart?
You have choice
God can use the wicked character of people
and He can use there evil plan to get you in the place He want us
and we need understand that, if we don't, bitterness will come into our heart
you cant focus on the problem
you cant focus on your own hurt and bitterness
you cant fix the problem if you consult with fixing blame
You cant life on past hurt
if you carrying a hurt
and hurt doesn't heal, will turn into bitterness
when bitterness come up in our heart, is trouble us
it make us miserable but worth then that, it fail many
so if you want be bitter and you want carry around all those all hurt from the past,
that your problem but that not the end the story,
when we carry around all those hurt, they turn to bitterness in our heart and that affected everyone around us, everyone in our family touch by that poison.
That why we must have God heal us.
If you carrying hurt, you need take those to Jesus,
and you need to get heal, because if you don't bitterness will take over you in your heart
or you still remember what happen but the hurt will be gone..."
(Pendeta Harold Gingerich)

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