Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rebecca Ferguson, Amazing Soul Blues Artist

Rebecca Ferguson

I know her since the first she did audition for X-Factor 2010. She does shy girl, but she has golden voice. I already got feeling when she sang the song with her soul. I thought Simon Cowell also got the same feeling like me, which is, she will be a great star. After X-Factor Final and she became the runner-up on the seventh series of the The X Factor.
Most of her song are her experience in her life. Like her song "Nothing But Love", she said that lyric was came from her life about love. Some time people judge you if in love you must have car, money and popularity. That not true. Can wait to see her performance. The last time, I saw her performed in The Show British Got Talent with her single "Teach Me How to Be Loved". She was very beautiful even she got little accident which is broken leg. Her song also is beautiful, so raw and very honest. Very great simple lyrics, great music, and love a pianist and a cellist at that song. I love all her song, she is my favorite female artist. All are simple melody and beautiful lyrics.
If you want to know more about her debut, you can go to : http://www.rebeccaofficial.com/gb/home. And here is the video clip for her single, Teach Me How To Be Loved, very amazing! You should look this!


ps : all photo captured by myself from this youtube

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